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Synergy Program

Perfect Body

Synergy is defined as the interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The efforts of our Synergy staff combined with your dedication to our program, will lead to achievements and success that may seem challenging on your own. A designed beauty of Synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.

Our Synergy program was created for those individuals who are interested in the concept of CrossFit, but are not crazy about the thought of heavy weights and higher skilled movements. This class is 45 minutes long and will combine High Intensity Exercise and Functional Movements to push your body and your mind to new limits. We have eliminated the heavy weights and high skill gymnastic movements, but we have kept the same high quality coaching, fun workouts and great community that we offer at CrossFit Freehold.


Step One:

If you are interested in trying one of our Synergy classes, all you need to do is call or email to setup a FREE class. Unlike our CrossFit Program, there are no Foundational Classes needed to begin the Synergy Program. The workouts, although fun and highly intense like CrossFit, the movements require less pre requisite knowledge to make sure you are moving safely and comfortably. During the classes you will receive all of the information necessary to remain safe and enjoy an amazing workout.


Step Two:

After you’ve tried your FREE class, the next step would be to decideĀ if the Synergy Program is for you. At the moment we offer classes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10am. If those classes do not work for your schedule, we highly advise you try a Free CrossFit class and see how you like it. You then can make an educated decision on which program will be best for you.

Email us to get started