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Written by Shane Freedman:
Joining Crossfit Freehold in 2014 was one of the best decisions I ever made. My only regret is not joining sooner. If you are looking to get fit, challenge yourself, lose weight and have fun, this is the place–hands down. Coaching is spot on perfect; a mix of encouragement, pushing, patience, humor and true expertise. Movements are explained carefully to allow for understanding and to minimize potential for injury. Don’t be intimidated, as all exercises are scalable, allowing you to start at your own pace and build up more reps and weight when you’re ready. The facility has great equipment and the atmosphere & people are supportive and fun. I’ve been working out in some way or another for 20+ years, and Crossfit Freehold is by far the best program I’ve ever tried.


Written by Haley & Aaron
We were brand new, not only to Crossfit, but to strength training in general. Nick treats everyone who walks through the door like a cousin he’s training in his basement; he’s supportive, always has a modification to match your abilities, but doesn’t let you get away with half-assing your workout. Nick and his team of trainers workout beside you, sweat beside you, swear and grunt beside you. Everyone’s in it together at Crossfit Freehold. You might be dying, but you’ve got a smile on your face and people cheering you on to push a little harder. We’re so glad we joined


Written by Carl Sammarco:
Thanks for all your organizing, hard work and generosity. The gym culture reflects your generosity and good nature, it is a warm and enjoyable place to come, despite the fact we are coming to torture ourselves. I am impressed how I have taken my fitness up a notch so quickly. In 2 months I have also tightened my belt a couple of notches. I am very excited that is has so easily complimented my current regime of exercise. As a wrestling coach for grade school kids, I steal your ideas for warming up my wrestlers too


Written by Mario & Lynne Linale:
CrossFit Freehold is an amazing place, it’s so much more than a gym. It’s a place to build not only physical strength, agility, athleticism and stamina, but mental strength as well. The support of the fellow members and the owner, Nick Mezzacappa, is tremendous and inspires the best out of everyone that walks in the door.

Nick’s obvious passion for the well being, success and sincere care of his members is one of the many reasons that makes this place so great. His expertise of fitness is only matched by his attention to safety and training all movements and exercises correctly. The classes combine the individualized attention of a personal training session yet the positive energy of the group you are training with – it really is the best of both worlds. No one is left out, from beginner to seasoned athlete.

When my wife and I joined less than a year ago, we both thought that we wouldn’t be able to get through the work outs. As our endurance, strength, skills and confidence quickly grew we both realized that none of this would have been possible if not for the individualized attention from the owner, staff and support of our fellow members. This is not a place to be intimidated of but rather an environment to easily find inspiration! After working out at a “normal gym” for over 20 years, doing the same repetitive and boring workouts, CrossFit has been an amazing breath of fresh air. Every day’s workout is unique and a new and interesting challenge. CrossFit Freehold will challenge you to successfully do things you never thought were possible and become a stronger and better you.

We are CrossFitters for life!
Mario Linale, age 43
Lynne Linale, age 50
We are parents of 4 young children. If we can find the time, anyone can!


Written by Mark Smith:

I’m a person who has worked out since my teenage years and I’ve tried everything from Power lifting to Bodybuilding both at highly competitive levels so weights and athletics are not foreign subjects.  I was bored at my regular gym and felt I needed to try something new.  I had heard of CrossFit and watched a couple of segments on ESPN and thought it looked interesting and different.   Acting upon this impulse I called CrossFit Freehold and spoke with Nick about joining a class to see what CrossFit was all about.  At the time Nick did not have the intro classes programmed within his business and I therefore joined my first class which just happened to be a Benchmark workout (G.I. Jane I believe).  I finished the workout but well after the majority of the class and I’m sure I looked as bad if not worse than I felt.

As bad as it felt what inspired me was Nick and the class urging me on to finish “don’t quit…, you got it…, awesome job”.  These people did not even know me yet they were in my corner cheering me on to finish the grueling workout.  “From that terrible work out on I was hooked”.

If anyone asks why I do CrossFit? – It’s because of that moment and so many more that I enjoy at CFF where people I know or don’t share in the pain and pursuit to make ourselves better.  It’s a gym, club and community of friends who do really weird and painful things all in the best interest of positive personal change.


Written by Tori Saino:
I joined CrossFit Freehold in May 2013. One year prior to that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease right before my 17th birthday. My whole entire life I played sports such as soccer and basketball up until I got sick. It was devastating to see myself go from this athletic person I use to be, to being someone who could barely get up and go to school. The first year of dealing with this disease I was absolutely miserable and could not function without being in constant pain. I needed something to help keep my mind off things and that’s when I decided to join. Within a matter of months, I noticed a difference in the way I felt. I was no longer feeling constantly sick and the amount of pain I had started tremendously decreasing. Nick Mezzacappa is a great coach and is one of the most patient people I have ever met. He will explain things over and over again until he sees that you fully understand what it is that he is trying to get across. No matter what level of fitness you are at, if you have a goal and are determined to accomplish that goal; Nick will make sure it happens.


Written by Frank Urso:

It was this time last year when I was first introduced to Nick Mezzacappa and CrossFit Freehold. After my initial two months of CrossFit training, I decided to participate in the 2013 CrossFit Open, and wanted a local affiliate to do the WOD’s and validate my workouts. From the first time I met Nick it was immediately obvious to me how passionate he was about training and how welcoming he was for anyone who had a desire to learn/experience CrossFit.

Over the past year I have gotten to know Nick and without question he is one of, if not the, most knowledgeable, experienced, personable and motivating trainers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He demands his box is a place to learn and irrespective of your skill set, he expects your best effort in training and in creating a positive, encouraging environment for everyone.

There is a saying that says “it’s sometimes better to be lucky than good”, and it was by pure luck that I found CrossFit Freehold and Nick. I would discourage you from leaving your training experience to “luck”, and strongly suggest contacting Nick and CrossFit Freehold.


Written by John Goldstein:
CrossFit Freehold has changed me completely. As a wrestler I need to be in the best shape I can be. In my final season I was able to take 4th place in the Western New England tournament and receive the Most Valuable Wrestler at my school. I contribute that to all of the tools and training I have received from CFF. Without Nick and the CFF crew I wouldn’t be physically and mentally prepared to be at my best.


Written by Nathalie Zammit:
How has CrossFit Freehold changed my life? Oh let me count the ways! First, I’ll let you know that I have been a member at Nick Mezzacappa’s box since January of 2013. I joined on a whim after buying a Living Social coupon and realizing that I was bored beyond tears working out at my previous gym and battling some very dark times personally. I needed a change. From that cold winter day forward, I was officially a CrossFit convert!

At CrossFit Freehold, I realized my strength both physically and mentally and have challenged myself to the limit with things I never thought I’d achieve. Pullups? Got em! Handstand pushups? In the bag! Daily stressors of everyday life? Gone! (ok so maybe for only part of the day!). This is all due to the smart and motivating coaching staff, and the amazing sense of camaraderie and support at the CrossFit Freehold box.

CrossFit Freehold is a place where you can achieve anything you want, feel accepted and accomplished, and embrace a whole new family. Thank you to CrossFit Freehold for helping me create the change I have always dreamed of!


Written by Joe Norton:
I just wanted to say that the last couple of months have been a great introduction into CrossFit. However challenging the workouts were there has always been encouragement and support to keep pushing myself. My progress has been good, the environment is great and the staff and people have always been positive in their motivation. Thanks again.